Wellness Coaching – Live the Life you Imagined

Wellness Coaching – Live the Life you Imagined

 It is a fact (and a crying shame) that the vast majority of us are not living the life we imaged for ourselves.  The desire is within us, the intention is repeatedly set, yet time and time again, we let ourselves down.  And boy do we have some spectacular excuses!  If our will were as great as our excuses, we would all be superheroes by now!

So what stops us from being the person we truly wish to be?  Time?  Energy?  Motivation?  All three perhaps?  The answer is all of our dreams and desires live in the future.  That mystical place that daren’t be reached.  The ‘I must’, ‘I need to’, I’m going to’.  Where’s the ‘I am’?

We place our dreams ahead of time because we have difficulty imagining ourselves living an “ideal life”.  It’s a hard life!  This is what we have been taught, generation upon generation, so we accept that settling and struggling is part of our life.  It’s “normal”.

The author, Neale Donald Walsch, suggested that every decision and every thought that each of us have comes either from fear or from love, and nowhere else.  That’s an interesting concept and one that really resonates with me as a Wellness Coach.

Wellness Coaching is an arena that allows you to take a non-judgemental snapshot of your life as a whole (i.e. you as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being).  You can explore and identify the areas that no longer support your goals and your dreams, to reimagine and visualise the life that you desire, and to bring that visualisation into the present.

Wellness Coaching will help you to bring your vision to life in multi-coloured, multifaceted brilliance, and to place you inside that vision.  From this new perspective you can more easily find the positive in every situation, you can face your fears, you can overcome your challenges and obstacles, and you can start to build your dreams from a place of creativity, from passion and from love.

Wellness Coaching is a creative process in which you will learn to expand on your ideas and take practical steps to put these into practice.

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

(Oliver Wendell Holmes)

So, here’s a little homework for you.  Take a look at your more prominent thoughts, decisions and actions over the last few days.  Really delve into these, consider how they made you feel and what effect that had on you both physically and emotionally, before, during and after.

Take your time with this exercise.  Grab a notebook and a coffee and allow yourself this time to reflect.

When you are ready, it’s time to get a whole lot of honest with yourself.  Did each of these thoughts, decisions and actions originate from a place of fear or did they originate from a place of love?

Remember that this is for your benefit.  You may find it a little uncomfortable.  Getting to know yourself and taking responsibility can be challenging – which is why we have the coffee!

Finally, and with your answers in mind, what will you do differently tomorrow?

If you found this article helpful, and perhaps find yourself wanting a little bit more out of life, why not give Wellness Coaching a try?

Click here to head over to my Wellness Coaching page and book your appointment today.  Live the life you imaged.

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