The Healing Breath

The Healing Breath

Let’s talk about the importance of silence (ironically!).

Call it meditation, call it prayer, call it silent contemplation, call it headspace. It matters not. As long as we find the time, from as little as three minutes a day, to stop and just breathe, we are giving our mind, our body and our spirit, our soul, this wonderful gift. And who can’t find three minutes in their day to breathe?! No more excuses. Give yourself this time. You are completely worth it!

Do it standing, do it sitting, do it walking, do it commuting, do it whilst washing up, ironing, whatever works for you. Just commit to as little as three minutes every day.

Wherever you decide to do it, and with your eyes open or closed, inhale deeply through your nose and exhale fully, either through your nose or your mouth, whichever is more comfortable for you, and repeat this deep breathing three or four times. Then simply let your breath find a comfortable and effortless pace, and remain in this space that you have created for yourself, breathing comfortably for just three minutes, if that is all that you can spare today.

During these three minutes, each and every time you notice your mind wondering away from your breath (because it definitely will – a lot!), politely remind yourself that you’re using this time to just breathe, and slowly bring your attention back to your breathing. You have the rest of the day to think and to do, so use this time to just be; just exist, silently.

Just this short period of time every day will help to bring calm and clarity to your life, reduce stress and anxiety, and give you that little bit of time off that you perhaps always promise yourself, but never manage to deliver.

This is such a simple, yet mind-blowingly effective practice, and I promise that you will start to feel better for it, and maybe even manage to spare as much as five or ten minutes every day. Who knows where this journey into headspace will lead you!

Thanks so much for sharing this with me and I hope it adds a little something to your day x

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