That seven-year-old soul within

That seven-year-old soul within

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  If you can dream it, you can become it.”  – William Arthur Ward

Inanely gazing at a blank page, daydreaming my consciousness away from the mounding pile of papers amassing on my desk.  Away from the mindless chatter and gossip of equally disenchanted colleagues, I imagine myself as the seven-year-old child I once was.  A life brimming with expectation, with suspense, with wonderment.  A life whereby anything conceivable is achievable, even the implausible is possible.  Nothing, but nothing, is out of absolute reach.  Restrictions, boundaries, deterrents, shalt not enter the consciousness of this seven-year-old child.  I dreamed of healing the infirm, of protecting the innocent, of serving those in need of refreshments at 30,000 feet!  The dreams may have been child sized, but the passion, the self-belief, the vivid imagery of every aspect of those dreams, were vastly farther reaching than any dream brave enough to break through the inherent constraints of society to entertain the conscious mind of this, often sceptical, adult.

The years pass by, the responsibility, the obligation, the onus of security, mounts.  Deflation, disillusion, cynicism, become the prevailing approach.  That spirit, however, that life force, that seven-year-old soul, remains within, deep within, but within nonetheless.  A powerful resource to be employed at will, if only the will had endured the fetters of this mundane existence.

The strength, the belief, to surrender to that seven-year-old spirit within, to capitulate to its guidance, to, once again, have great faith in my dreams, to visualise my personalised version of success, to alter, to improve, aspects of my life, to act with conviction, with confidence.  I will achieve!  I am achieving!

Nothing is beyond my grasp.  I merely forgot to extend my reach.

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