Baby Steps to a Life-Change

Baby Steps to a Life-Change

Life is all about choices.  When you are young, your choices are often made for you.  What you will eat, when you will go to bed, which school you will attend, where you will live.  The list goes on.

As you become a young adult, you yearn for independence.  Your parents lack an understanding of the metaphorical cross that you bear.  You are all too eager to live your life your way.

As you mature, and whether you realise it or not, your life’s responsibility quickly falls to you and to you alone.  The choices you make, or neglect to make, influence your life’s path, your future.

If this is an unwelcome influence, external factors, such as fate, background, lack of opportunity, may bear the burden of your blame.  The harsh reality, however, is that your life is a result of your own personal choices, your action, or lack thereof, and your passion, your determination.

Once you begin to accept responsibility for your situation, you can begin to make changes to improve your circumstances.

So, now that you can abandon the blame game, and you realise that it is all up to you, what will you do?

Why not start by thinking about what you hope to achieve.  Forget the hows, the whys and the what ifs, for a moment.  What do you want?  Think about it, think aloud, write your thoughts down, brainstorm.  Define your goal.  Articulate it in multifaceted, multi-coloured detail.  Put yourself inside that goal.  What does it feel like to be, to do, to have, this goal?  Dedicate your time and your energy to this exercise.  Find out where it can lead.

Congratulations, you have taken your first baby step towards a life-change.

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