4 Simple Changes that will Transform your Life

4 Simple Changes that will Transform your Life

The internet is awash with fitness plans, gym memberships, diets, recipes, detoxes.  There’s so much stuff!  If you’re a person who perhaps lacks motivation, you’ve got a lot going on, tons of responsibility, people relying on you, a stressful job, money worries, then you probably don’t have the time, let alone the will, to enter into a laborious and time consuming health program.  That’s fair enough.  We all have our limits.  You are completely forgiven.

With that said, your health most definitely needs to be a priority.  Without it, you may not be able to meet your responsibilities, people may not be able to rely on you, you may not even be able to work.  Scary stuff when you think about it!

So let’s talk about how health can work for you.

How can ‘health’ fit into your lifestyle?

A massive life change would be awesome, but probably unsustainable, so let’s just take that off the table.  We’re interested in small, simple and effective changes, which you can easily make to your day-to-day routine (or lack thereof!).

Now, there’s no scientific breakthrough happening in this blog post.  These are very simple suggestions and we are probably all aware of their benefits already.  But, the fact is, sometimes in life we search for the complex solutions, when the simplest answer would serve us the most.

So, here we are.  My ever-so-simple suggestions to help you start to take a little bit more notice of your health, and how to implement these into your life.

  1. Drink more water

Simple, but effective.

Dehydration can have a serious effect on the body, particularly if you are regularly in this state.  It can affect your liver, kidneys, blood pressure, heart rate, your mood, concentration and brain function, and much more.  Annoyingly, we don’t even feel thirsty until we are dehydrated, so prevention is the name of the game with this one.

Try drinking a large glass (half a pint) of water before you even get out of bed in the morning, another large glass of water just before you eat your lunch, and again whilst you’re cooking dinner.  With this alone, you will already have drunk close to 1 litre of water, which is a brilliant start!

As you get a bit more used to this, you can find ways to slip a few more glasses of water and/or non-caffeinated hot drinks into your daily routine too.

As you bring your total daily water intake up to around 2 litres, you should start to notice increased energy, alertness and perhaps less of an inclination to snack too much or overeat.  Yay!

  1. Walk more

If we’re honest with ourselves, we are a bit of a lazy nation!  Our fitness endeavours tend to be more ‘fits and starts’ than routine.  Even with the best intentions, sometimes we physically cannot find the time, or are simply too exhausted to hit the gym.

So, to get you started, a little bit goes a long way.  First things first, ditch the lift, say sayonara to the escalator, and take the stairs as often as you can.  If walking the four flights to your office in the morning is out of the question, do it during lunch, do it in the evening.  Find a way to squeeze it in.

You could try to use your car less.  If your local shop, park, station, etc. is a 20 minute walk away, but you usually drive there, try walking instead.  Stick your earphones in, listen to a podcast, listen to music, you may even enjoy this otherwise unheard of ‘me time’!

Same goes for parking at the supermarket or shopping centre.  Park in a space further away from the store and walk.

The more often you incorporate short walks into your daily routine, the more likely you are to choose to exercise.  Move yourself as often as you can manage, and in any way that you can enjoy.

  1. Include fruit or vegetables with every meal and snack

We live in the land of convenience…or do we??

I was walking in a really busy area of London recently, absolutely starving, and all I wanted was an apple.  Just a piece of fruit to see me through until lunchtime.  Could I find a shop or stall selling fruit?  Nope.  Chocolate, crisps, burgers, street food, not a single healthy snack in sight.

It is way too easy to eat a poor diet, and that’s the sad truth.  So, let’s make some teeny tiny changes and do a little bit of preparation to start to tip that balance in the right direction.

Start with breakfast.  Add some berries, chopped banana or chopped apple and raisins to your porridge, cereal or even to your toast, or just eat a piece of fruit with your normal breakfast.  Simples!

Snack on fruit throughout the day.  Try different fruits – keep it exciting!  You could also keep a tub of chopped cucumber, carrots, celery and peppers with some cherry tomatoes in the fridge at home and/or at work, with a tub of hummus, guacamole, salsa, whatever floats your boat.  A little bit of preparation goes a long way here.

When it comes to lunch, if you’re anything like me, a salad just ain’t gonna cut it – unless, of course, it’s loaded with spuds!  So, simply add a side salad to whatever else you’re having, and eat a piece of fruit afterwards.  I think we can manage that.

Finally, include a selection of vegetables with your normal dinner.  Half a plate of mixed vegetables, root vegetables, sweet potatoes, whatever you like and from the freezer if that helps.  Try is out.  See what works for you.

If this is too much for you to cope with right now, pick one meal and start with that.  If you keep it up and you’re consistent, your new, healthy habits will start to creep into the rest of your routine.

  1. Take some time to relax


I hear you.  Message received loud and clear.  Blog post on stress coming soon!

The very fact that you’re reading this article (thank you very much, by the way), demonstrates that you have made time in your day.  Can you make this time again tomorrow?  The next day?  The day after that?

The point is, we make time for the things that are important to us.  So, let’s make ourselves important to us.  Taking a little bit of time out every day is a major stress buster.  Do we need a better reason than that?

Take as little as three minutes a day, if that is all you can spare to start with.  That time could be spent sitting still, closing your eyes, and simply breathing (check out my blog post on this by clicking here).

You may prefer to spend the time looking through old family photographs.  Perhaps even the pictures that you may have hanging on your wall.

You might like to write something in a notebook or a journal – anything, the content is not important.

It really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s something that you enjoy and can focus your mind on completely.  This should be a time of mindful ‘doing’.

How you spend this valuable time that you have created just for you is entirely up to you.  It’s all yours and it’s for your benefit, so treat it that way.  Indulge in it, and extend that time as often as you can.

I hope that this is helpful to you.  I wish you every success in implementing these four simple changes into your life, one at a time, and at a pace that works for you.

The important thing is that you start.  So start today.

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